Marfa, Texas

Marfa Texas - Kirsty Davey

Marfa Texas - Kirsty Davey

Marfa Texas - Kirsty Davey

Marfa Texas - Kirsty Davey

Marfa Texas - Kirsty Davey

There’s a place in Far West Texas where the windswept plains of the Trans-Pecos flicker with unexplained orbs of light and the supernatural echo of ghost ranchers can be sensed but not seen as you traverse the rugged foothills of its surrounding canyons. 

Eschewing the usual confines of small-town isolation, Marfa is a hub of creative activity. Following Donald Judd’s arrival in 1971, artistic down-shifters have been compelled and intrigued by what can only be described as Marfa’s enigmatic ‘bonhomie’.

Flanked by remnants of monolithic adobe, 1950’s kitsch, and panoramic vistas, the tiny town of Marfa has served as a remarkably hospitable canvas for creative folk to assert their visions. Expect, then, to find an unusually diverse selection of epicurean delights, thoughtfully curated boutiques, international art happenings and an unconventional-ness that pervades the minutia of ordinary in a town with a population of only 2,000 and almost 3 hours from the nearest airport.

Like the townsfolk say… Marfa – Tough to get to. Tougher to explain. But once you get here, you get it!

Follow the link here to peruse my travel guide to Marfa, Texas via The Planthunter. 

Images: Kirsty Davey { limited edition 'Marfa' photographic prints are also available in the Otis & Otto online store }


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