Pallarès Solsona Professional 8" Kitchen Scissors - Coming Soon

Pallarès Solsona Professional 8" Kitchen Scissors - Coming Soon

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Made with durable stainless steel, the Pallarès Solsona professional kitchen scissors are a keeper! Use them every day to shear herbs, snip veggies & trim twine...a truly beautiful investment piece destined to become a coveted family heirloom.

Size: 8 inches

Made in Solsona, Spain.

Care: To preserve their longevity, consider applying mineral oil on the screw each month. Scissors should usually be sharpened once every 3-5 years.

About: Pallarès was set up in 1917 in Solsona by brothers Luís & Carles Pallarès Canal, knifemakers and craftsmen. The family company was continued & expanded under the leadership of brothers Jesus and Juli Pallarès, sons of Lluís, master craftsmen. Today cousins David and Lluís Pallarès, the third generation, head the company.

The goal of the founders which still holds good today is to maintain the quality of the product, especially it's cutting quality, which is a fundamental characteristic of the best knives. Over time technical improvements have been incorporated into the manufacturing of the knives whilst endeavouring to maintain maximum quality. So it is that, even today, all Pallarès knives are sharpened by hand, an artisanal technique established by it's founders.